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ScheerSpeed Detailed: Blue Honda Accord (Lease Return)

i usually dont do cars like this, but since it was a family friend who was in desperate need of a good detailing job i took the job.

Let me start by saying one word... this car was DISGUSTING!

Products used: (in order)

-Zaino Z7 Car wash
-Zaino Z18 Clay Bar
-Menzerna Intensive Polish (orange CCS pad)
-Menzerna Micro Polish (also known as Final Polish II) (orange CCS pad)
-Zaino Z6 wipe down
-Zaino Z5 (grey CCS pad)
-Zaino Z6 wipe down
-Zaino Z2 (Blue CCS pad)
-Zaino Z8 Grand Finale Spray

(all with PakShak MF towels)


-wipe with damp cloth
-Zaino Leather in a Bottle
-Eagle1 glass cleaner


-citrus degreaser
-aerospace 303 protectant
(sorry, no pics! )

Well i started out by washing the car with Zaino Z7 car wash. then as i went to wash the wheels i noticed they were all rusty...hmm what would take this out? i went down to discount auto parts and bought some Etched Magnesium
wheel cleaner, which is basically a mixture of a whole bunch of acids.

That did the trick! got the rust all loose so i could take it off with the wipe of a MF mitt.

after i was done washing i moved on to the Clay bar. just to say the least i had to discard the bar after only 1/2 of the car! thats just how disgustingly dirty and contaminated the paint was!

Then i moved on to Menzerna Intensive polish with a Lake Country Orange CCS pad and Porter Cable 7424. this car had SOOOO many scratches and slight abrasions in the paint this step took me 5 hours alone!

as you can see the before/after of the Menzerna IP.

after on left, before on right

Then went to polish with Menzerna Micro Polish (Final Polish II) also with another Orange CCS pad to remove the hazyness and holograms.

Now it was time to hit the interior. i dont know how somebody could have ever sat in this car! i was disgusted by it!

First i vaccumed it, then wiped down all of the vinyl with a damp terry cloth, then wiped some Zaino Leather in a bottle over it, and finally cleaned the glass with Eagle1 Glass cleaner.

now it was time to seal. One layer of Z5, wipe down with Z6, one layer of Z2, and then wipe down with Z8 to really bring out the shine.

and then to finish up i cleaned the windows with Eagle1 glass cleaner and Rain-x'ed them. and then dressed the tires with Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire gel.

after that i cleaned the engine with some citrus degreaser and applied Aerospace 303 to protect and make it shiny, but my camera died before i could take pics of that.

Final Product:

Remember all those scratches near the handle?

what makes me happy at the end of the day is seeing a beautiful looking car leave my driveway

PM me if you are interested in having your car detailed!!! or call me at (786) 554-7508