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I will have to agree with steve, I think idrive is rubbish. I've had this car over 1 year now and the idrive is horrible. First of all I hate how the knob "kicks back" when you're going down a long list. I'm not stupid I know Iím at the end of the list, no need to tell me. I know progman helps with the speed, and I did get it updated, but man is this interface slow. When changing from maps to cd menu, I will always pull up the set up menu.

From maps I will press "menu, pull down for entertainment, push down to select cd" and I usually do it pretty quickly

but the car only reads "menu and pushing down" giving me the set up menu. I mean the system doesn't even have to be light Lightning quick, but it just has to know what Iíve pressed.

Now with the navi, it might be the worst thing Iíve ever used. first lets start with the guidance, when the little arrows pop up it's suppose to show how the intersection looks like and what street to turn it. For a normal 2 street intersection it's fine, but when it's 3-4 intersections really close together or if thereís 3 - 4 streets coming out of the intersection, it's crap looks nothing like where you're suppose to turn.
Christmas season is about to be over, and I've never hated it more. Took me more than 15 mins in the mall parking lot to find the nearest Toys R us and when I did find where it was listed, It directed me into a neighborhood, the POI was about a mile off. This happened 5 more times through out this Christmas season. What's the point of a navi if it only gets you within a mile of your destination?