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Originally Posted by 335xi_fun View Post
I put my 335xi up on a lift today just to explore what it was going to take to get to the clip on the shifter. After removing the plastic panels and bending the heat shield away I still couldn't even see the clip let alone get to it. The transfer case for the AWD is right in the way. I would be interested in knowing from someone who has actually done the shifter change on an 335xi what needs to be removed. It looks like dropping the exhaust and heat shield might work but I would like to know before I go to that trouble. Any information would be appreciated as this car really needs something done to shorten up the shift throws. Thanks.

That is exactly what TurboFan and I ran into when whe got under his e90 335xi. We could not find the clip or the bottom of the shifter. I think on the sedan, you probably have to drop the transfer case and I have NO idea how hard that would be. I wonder if the coupe xi is any different?

Supremo, can you ask your shop if they had to do anything special to get to the shifter in regard to the transfer case?

More updates from any Xi people would be great....otherwise this is a great DIY, thanks!

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