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Ahh I screwed up big time, Vista/XP

Well a month or so ago I decided to try Vista Ultimate, not thinking to myself I upgraded the desktop with the trial version and so forth.

Well, I put a few little things on there (pictures, music, documents, etc).. well, I haven't used this desktop in a couple weeks or so and now that I'm back It will ONLY let me connect my computer to the internet. I can't get into my own desktop, Start Menu, etc.. It's now asking for a product key.

To be honest I hated vista(I also don't want to spend $350 on it) and will gladly go back to my bought version of XP.. only thing is, how in the hell can I get to those images/documents/music I saved once I stick my Dell Restore Disc back in?

If ANYONE can help me it would be SO very greatly appreciated. Thank you