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Originally Posted by seccsc View Post
The roads are like this everywhere, not just Hawaii. As for rattles, my car doesn't rattle. I hope this helps.....
I guess each person has their own opinion, but I personally have never seen any state with this many bad roads. Don't get me wrong, all states have sections that are bad, but Hawaii takes the cake when it comes to the overall worst roads.
Originally Posted by seccsc View Post
Another thing is that BMWs are over priced here on Oahu. I bought my car in San Fran under the ED program, and it was $10,000 cheaper than the same car setting on the lot in Honolulu. I'd say buy it when you get back to the Main Land. But that's just my .02 cents.
Thanks for your help. I figured I'd probably be able to save a good bit if I just waited. Thanks again!!