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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
Hope they don't reveal it until after primaries. I hope she wins the primary so much.
That's what I would hope, too, except that Michael Savage often seems to inflate the value of his argument (I guess that is a nice way of saying he is full of hot air). Defeating Mrs. Clinton shouldn't have to rely on any such scandal. She seems unelectable enough on just what is already public knowledge. What she is, just hasn't been publicized enough yet. However, that is how I feel about the entire field of Democrats. I guess it is possible that the public just doesn't care and would vote her or another D into office.

I would like to put her away sooner rather than later. In 1990 I thought that her husband couldn't possibly win because the public wouldn't be so ignorant. Obviously, in his case I was wrong. I wouldn't want to underestimate again the ability for a Clinton to win.