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DIY: Downpipe (DP) installation for E90 335i (2/4)

Getting Access
6. Using a 10 mm wrench, remove the hose mount which attaches to the passenger's side of the steering rack (this makes getting access to the nut on the top of the steering rack easier and generally provides better access.
7. Using a 16mm wrench (I used a 5/8” which works perfectly – for some reason they decided to “skip” 16mm in my set!) and the E12 Torx Socket, loosen both the driver and passenger's side nut/bolt. Remove the passenger's side nut and bolt completely.
8. Using the T25 Torx driver, remove the first heat shield bolt, located right next to the passenger's steering rack boot
9. Pivot the steering rack toward the front of the car as far as it will go - about 1 inch. (no Picture)
10. Using the T25 Torx driver, and short handle socket, remove the second and third bolts. For reference, the picture shows the driver bit in one of the bolts.
11. Heat shield removed.
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