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Originally Posted by scooby9 View Post
Awesome DIY! I'm looking at UR pipes as well. How was the fitment and quality?
Overall I'm impressed with the quality of the pipes. There was a little bit of welding slag on the inside of the pipes that I thought could have been cleaned up a little neater (spend all that time with the complex fabrication, and leave the easy stuff?). But since its back of the turbo, I wasn't that concerned. If we were talking about the exhaust manifold, different story!

The fitment was nearly perfect. There could have been a tiny bit of misalignment around the turbo fitting, but not anything that the clamp connections couldn't handle.

Its too early early to tell if there will be long-term implications of not having a flex fitting near the turbo joint (like the OEM DP's), as others have pointed out on other threads. I really do think that would have make sense at the cost of a couple horsepower perhaps? Lots of temperature gradients down there meaning lots of metal wanting to deform...

BTW: I've owned a previous Ultimate Racing product before (turbo kit for S2K), and all their fabricated parts for that never gave me any issues over 3 years of installation.

There is a thread out there (with pictures) of someone who needed their UR pipes cut and rewelded because of fitment issues, but I don't think root cause was determined (bad manufacturing v. bad install)

Hope that helps!

- Josh