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ACZakka, I looked through my catalogue because I have all three of those games... I couldn't find the case for Tiger, but if you look at the back of the resistance boxes, you'll see that both of those games run 720p max. That explains why they arent running 1080. Because EA is cheap when it comes to porting to ps3, i'm guessing that Tiger fits under the same bill.

In the meantime, i'd recommend that if you care that much you could always go pick up a used xbox for under $250. In the meantime, check out 2k sports offerings, because they're running 60fps and 1080i on ps3. And check out uncharted and gt prologue if you're trying to make yourself feel better about your ps3 purchase. I've got both systems and still tend to play all the multi-system games on ps, because i'm more accustomed to that controller, and feel is what's most important to me.

Regardless, multi-platform games should all be running 1080i on 360 AND PS3 by the next sports year. Your games should all be running 720p though, so make sure you're running component cables or hdmi cables and not the crappy composite cables that came with the box because composite (yellow, red, white) won't get you any higher than 480i. Your best bet on getting these cables is to get them used from a ps2 (I just yanked the components off of my ps2 when I got my ps3). Remember when buying hdmi cords that buying the expensive monster cables aren't necessary. The inherent digital design of an hdmi cable doesn't lend itself to distortion due to inferior shielding in the same way that component cables do so your $20 dollar hdmi cable from best buy will work just fine.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: After reading your previous posts, only the 1st paragraph, 2nd paragraph, and first lines of the 3rd are relevant. But i'll leave the rest of the third up for anyone who just picked up their new PS3 over the holidays.
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