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Originally Posted by BMWE90
never. I was gonna go with my gf my senior year. But we just started dating and she wasnt "ready". I dont even know wut that meant. I was gonna ask this other chick but decided not to. My closest friends also werent going so I decided not to. Thinking back, I hella regret it.

We had a very bad breakup when I started college at the end of 03 and havent had a relationship since then. HAHA pretty sad huh?? I met a lot of girls since then but got scared everytime I got close.

dude at least u met a lot of girls, look at me!! everytime i try to get close to a girl, she'll distance herself to the point that we dont even talk anymore..just the formalities of hi and bye..thats how friggin lonely i am

i always listen to marley's no woman no cry everytime i feel lonely though hahahahaha!