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Fields Orlando! A+!!!

Test drove on 10/17/07. Sticker price was as good as it was going to get. I called all the major dealerships within 250 mile range…same deal. Went back on 10/24/07 to order. I was set on 60 month financing deal, so only 2 variables were hanging in the air at this point:
1. Trade-in value
2. 2. APR
Of course, I did NOT get kbb trade-in. I tried CarMax and got less then trade-in offer. In FL, you get tax break when trading in, so CarMax was a no go.

CA (Steve Wade) is a really nice guy, no bs, very personable, not trying to force the sale.

So, I bite the bullet and order.

Meanwhile, I keep my eye on interest rates, and 3.9% APR from BMWUSA catches my eye. I call CA and inquire. Within a couple of hours, he calls back…approved.

7 weeks later, it’s delivery time. I’ve been waiting for the car for 49 days…who do you think has the edge, me or them?
I walk in the dealership expecting to get killed on a trade. Initially, it seems like it’s going that way, (good cop/bad cop for 5 minutes), then skies clear. Sales manager steps in and makes it good.
I was in and out in 1 hour flat.
Fields of Orlando:

1. Calls returned
2. BMW Loaners
3. Customer oriented

Of course they are a business, and trying to make $, but I will get my next BMW from them.

And, BTW, they are not my closest dealership, and this is not my first bimmer. Nuff said.
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