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in beirut base price of an E93 335: 125,000$USD
add to that options... u can easily hit 160,000$USD here...

price of a fully loaded E93 from Canbec: 80,000$USD

we have 100% customs
I have yet to see a single E93 335 in lebanon.. it'll be hella pimp
I also adore Canbec.. great guys all around... I'd much rather give them the business
and when I moved back to Lebanon, I wanted to buy a 5 series from Bassoul Hneine (the only/exclusive BMW dealer in Lebanon)
the general manager is a very close friend of a friend and he told him that I was going there to buy a 545 and an X5.. not to check it out.. to BUY it if I liked the color/options

so I get there, the guy makes me wait 1 hour to see him just to tell me I cannot see the car
me: why can't I see it?
him: oh it is in the garage?
me: uh... storage or garage?
him: garage
me: there must have been a misunderstanding, I want a new car
him: oh it is a new car.. we just have a customer who needs a transmission, and seeing how ur 5 is the only one we have in stock, we decided to replace his with yours...but don't worry, the new transmission will be here by the end of the week...

I walked out, went to Infiniti, bought a G35 and an FX35 and I've been happy since