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Originally Posted by bozo5521
C,mon JW!! Everytime a new photo thread pops up, I start rethinking my position! Not about color of course, but this time its the wheels. This is the first time Ive actually seen decent photos of the Type 161's. They are sweet! I was so settled with the 162's, but the 161's definitealy give it a sharp look..Uh oh, back to the drawing board ...Luckily it is one of those things you can change after the fact...
Heh, next time I'll make sure to photoshop 162's onto each pic I post My personal preference on the OEM wheels is the 161's. They're more of a staggered spoke look, which I like. 162's are beautiful too tho! In case anyone isn't familiar with the wheels we're talking about, here they are.

Type 161

Type 162

Both beautiful.