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MMP Outlets Product Thread - new product annoucement

MMP Turbo Outlets Product Thread

MMP is announcing new Turbo Outlets for the N54. These pipes have a flow through area more than 2x bigger than the stock pipes on the N54 connecting the turbos to the intercooler.

We have all seen the incredible gains from MMP Turbo Inlets setting records on the dyno and track, now we all need to up our game and upgrade the highly restrictive turbo outlets to maximize power on our N54s!

Picture comparing the stock restrictive turbo outlets to the free flowing MMP outlets that are 2x as big!

picture of custom machined stock turbo vband adapter

picture of vband adapter attached to stock turbo compressor housings

The kit comes complete in the box with all T-bolt clamps, custom silicone adapters, aluminum pipes, and machined expansion nozzles with vband interface and O-ring to be a direct bolt on replacement to your restrictive OEM hotside pipes. No cutting up of your stock pipes, bead rolling, or bead welding required.

NEW LOW PRICE IS $199, limited stock selling fast, just waiting on some inventory to arrive before I mark them as in stock on my website. They are available for pre purchase.

You can view the product page on my website here

These upgraded pipes work with stock turbos or any upgraded hybrid turbochargers in stock housings. They will also work with the large TD04 compressor housings on MMP turbos simply by removing the machined adapter for stock turbos.

Install is as easy as removing your Downpipes, removing your restrictive OEM hotside chargepipes, installing new high flow MMP hotside chargepipes, and let her rip! Does not require dropping the sub frame or anything more difficult then the basic steps above. The kit will include detailed install instructions with it.

Bench flow testing results, THEY FLOW 10X better THAN STOCK!!

Here is the proven bench flow testing extrapolated out to maximum stock turbo flow levels and higher for upgraded stock frame turbos.

fitment pics

discussion of dyno proven results

here is the dyno graph gains

1) here is the post discussing the gains

2) here is the post discussing the difference in boost curves

The above posts show 3rd party dyno testing results same car same dyno days apart with minimal tuning that the outlets made +30whp gain around peak torque, +25whp gain on the top end and +10whp gain at max power and +34wtq gain ALL WITHOUT pushing the tune to optimize for the outlets because it made these gains with 2 PSI LESS BOOST and LESS WGDC!

with an optimized tune and taking advantage of the freed up WGDC and boost, gains would be SIGNIFICANTLY improved! We have not seen what MMP outlets can actually do if tuned to take advantage of the freed up boost and WGDC.

3) here are the bench flow testing results

from the bench flow testing done by a third party you can see that at 500whp SCFM levels (around 700 SCFM) the MMP outlets flow 10x better if extrapolated out. Within the measured data points you can see that even at 200 SCFM levels which is pretty low horsepower even within the stock factory hp levels and tuning the outlets have a 1psi pressure loss while the MMP outlets have a 0.1psi pressure loss, showing 10x better flow.

Seeing how bad the stock outlets flow on the flowbench even at flow rates as low as 200 SCFM! I did not reuse ANY part of the stock outlets as they have proven to flow very badly.

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