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Originally Posted by flipmde786 View Post
I'm skeptical as to how much more beneficial a 335d will be over a 335i for the bank balance..

It has great gas mileage, but diesel is more expensive, and there's a price premium. People say it'll take them years to reap the benefits driving at 12k a year...what about around 23k a year? (my driving rate)
Currently, at most locations, diesel fuel around here runs more than premium (which the 335i requires), though I did see one gas station today that advertised diesel at the same price as premium. My wife has a long commute with a fair amount of highway driving, and I think that a diesel engine would be good for her. The numbers, however, make it interesting.

I estimated her total commute miles each year, and then went to find local gas prices for premium and diesel fuels. At cheaper gas stations (well, relatively speaking), premium unleaded runs at $3.27 a gallon, diesel runs at $3.49 a gallon. (Today, when I filled my car, I saw that they were both around $3.50 per gallon.) I estimated that she'd get 26 miles per gallon in a 335i, and 35 miles per gallon in a 335d. That works out to $2,785 a year for the diesel, and $3,513 per year for the gasoline engine, a savings of $728 by getting the diesel engine.

So, how much more expensive will the diesel engine be, when factoring in the purchase price and the savings at the pump? There are other benefits, of course - better mileage means less fuel consumed and less fuel purchased from other countries. But how quickly will the diesel engine's sticker price surcharge be amortized via better fuel economy?

Regarding the AdBlue urea tank, the first refill should be included with BMW's 4 year/50,000 mile free service, likely refilled with the first oil change.