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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
...seriously? I guess they're the same people that would confuse the Altima coupe with the G37 (for good reason), as well as with the Accord coupe, the Pontiac G6, and possibly a million other coupes.

I think the e92 looks very BMW. Everyone loves it when they see it. The girls call it the baby bimmer lol.
As car nuts, I don't think we realize how people that aren't car nuts see cars. My sisters had a devil of a time telling the E36/E46/E38/E39/E34 apart - to us, that's incredible. But objectively, they're a very similar 3-box car designs - the clean lines of the design also means there aren't many distinguishing features.

One of my sisters told me she loves the new 5-series a while back, and I was shocked to discover that she actually meant the 5-series; she could tell it apart from the 3-series and 7-series.