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Originally Posted by edgarj View Post
+1 on the intake. I'm really not feeling the Riss catless DP's for 25whp (though very significant).... its just not a mod I feel comfortable with in a service/ totally catless environmental scenario. Anyone with the motivation to get catless DP's definitely has N ECU modification of some form, and pulling DP's for service is silly. Exhaust, well, I like the ricetastic sound SA ossifer, but DP's cross the line for me at this early stage of ownership. Intake.. easy pull.

I can't wait for the Vishnu intake. What numbers will I see with V2, Eisenmann Race full catback exhaust, and an intake on 92 octane? Maybe -10whp offset from this config?

I agree with you on much of that.
That's why Riss is having a difficult time filling their GB on the Catless DP's.
They probably should of developed a high flow catted DP first which would have much great mass appeal.
However, it almost always a numbers game first and foremost, so making the most power first often trumps, but it might be at a cost of lost sales to them.

As for what you'd see with catback exhaust, intake and V2, but on stock DP's on 92 Octane?
Well, it would be a lot less than -10 from that set up.

Without the DP's the tune itself would suffer a bit too (a bit less aggressive).
As you noted, Shiv estimated 25 whp from the DP's and tune.
Probably 15-20 from the DP's alone, and 5-10 from the slightly more aggressive tune.

So with you set up but stock catted DP, you could expect
365 rwhp (25 rwhp less).
You might get close to 370 rwhp from the extra octane (92 vs 91) but that would probably be it.

With high flow catted DP's you could probably add 10 whp to that, for a total of
375-380 rwhp