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First new car advice - and MT advice

Guys (and gals)-

I'm looking at the 330i and plan on leasing. This is my first new car - I'm just graduating grad school.

Where do I go to educate myself on the car buying process so that I don't get ripped off by the dealer? My family has always bought their vehicles, so I have absolutely no experience with leasing. I understand what the dealer's invoice price and MSRP represent, but I'm unsure how to use them as a negotiating position.

Finally, other than a few times behind the wheel of friends' cars, I've never owned a car with a manual transmission. Part of what kept me sane while busting my ass in law school was picturing myself behind the wheel of a new 3series. I feel like it would be criminal to get an auto (I love to drive), but I'm also afraid of jumping right in and buying a manual without really knowing how to drive stick. Anyone else been in this position? Any advice on what to do or how to learn prior to purchasing?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for the incredibly broad questions.