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I'm assuming your few times behind the wheel with a stick excludes the need to explain the absolute basics of stick operation...therefore, my advice...

1. Find that or another friend who has a car with a stick
2. Make arrangements with said friend to refresh your memory with respect to clutch/brake/gas/stick operating basics.
3. Find a proper location for learning. Something open, without obstacles. A large, empty parking lot is ideal.
4. Practice, practice, practice to get the basics down in the first couple of gears (starting, stopping, upshifting, downshifting).
5. Go to the country, or other side road situation where there are few cars, and practice using the full range of gears.

As for buying as suggested, or visit where there are numerous articles concerning the buying/leasing process. In particular, FULLY understand the leasing process before negotiating. Know specifically what MSRP, Purchase Price, Money Factor (interest rate), Residual Value, and the various Caps are, and know what fees one should expect. And if you have a trade-in, know your state's laws regarding the effect it will have on the "taxable" cap (reduces or doesn't). Etc, etc.
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