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Originally Posted by kbkb335i View Post
What really concerns me is that I cannot find any news about that. Somebody saw the damaged cars, took photos, and posted them. But how do we know it's only 300 or 400 cars? How can we be sure the rest of the cars that are going to SC are not all damaged? Who gave that number? Is it 300-400 cars in NY only, or is that the total number? Too bad they keep us uninformed. It's not that hard to walk around and scan the VINs on a few hundred cars that were damaged and update the BMWNA customer service or open a hot line.
I agree. How many cars were on the ship in total? If it's 800, then maybe our cars are ok. If it's 500, then chances are good they are damaged. Where are these reports of 300 damaged, and 70 totaled even coming from?