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lol wow i didn't think there were any other people from NEPA on here...

i agree, tom hesser bmw leaves a lot to be desired... take their website for example. i don't think there has ever been one day in the past two years where something wasn't broken on there.. i just checked again now to see how bad it was, and i had to click an OK box for some script error 8 times before it'd even let me check out the site at all. nice work guys... haha..

my experiences with wyoming valley motors have been decent.. nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either. for this area, they're the best to deal with. i don't have a single bad thing to say about the client advisor i've dealt with at WVM of kingston, i just wish they had a little more in their inventory. i can be very picky and also very patient, i just wish they had a little more of a selection...
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