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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
What is the deciding factor for you if we all know you voted for W in 2000/04??? He was a drunk - -showing his weaknesses to control himself, to be moderate and to diplomatically deal with himself. Lacking those (basic leadership) characteristics has shown deadly for us and World for 7 years...

WHat did W show that attracted your vote to him? Or was the other one just too bad? If second, why didn't you skip voting?
Much of the time in voting you don't have the opportunity to vote for the one you want, because that one already lost, or didn't run at all. In the primary I supported another candidate. When he lost, I supported the party nominee. There is no way I would have even considered voting for Algore. The choice was clear and I was active in the effort to elect George W. Bush.

President Bush has been a better President that I had expected of him. No doubt you are of a different opinion. You liked Clinton and defended Carter. That explains a lot.

Since you seem to have a different approach than I to making your vote, what will you do if your preferred candidate loses in the primary? Will you vote for whomever is left in that party? Will you go over to another party? Not vote?