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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
It is not my opinion -- it is the opinion of the majority in this country and about 97% of the world's population.
If you trully believe that the only thing he messed up is his budget, you live in ID. Ah, wait a minute...
And by him, I mean directly W and his Administration (or whatever is left, not jailed or under investigation or removed for knowing the truth...
I don't feel a need to point out the shortcomings of this President. There are enough critics that anything I would offer would be tame compared to their attacks.

I don't feel a need to defend this President. He is not running for any office.

I could offer criticism of some matters in the Reagan administration. His was the greatest presidency of the 20th century. I don't feel the need to defend this President. He is not running for any office.

You turned this thread toward a debate about George W. Bush (I assume because Natureboy posted a quote that although it wasn't related to the person of Mike Gravel who object of this thread at least it was related to marijuana smoking presidential candidates). This thread is not about George W. Bush except as it may relate to marijuana use. In that way it can also apply to Bill and Mrs. Clinton. It could apply to Barak Obama. It does not relate to your usual rant. There are other threads where your rant about GWB are more appropriate.

Mike Gravel apparently supports decriminalization or legalization of all illegal drugs. This is irresponsible and would be an immense tragedy if it were done.