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PART II: sealing the headlight.

things you need:

1. box cutter
2. heat gun
3. needle nose pliers
4. betalink k1 (germn glue use to install spoiler)
5. hose repair tape (optional)
6. dremel (optional, makes life easier)

first off i heated the section that were over pried and moved it back to its original place with the nedle nose plier. (dont have to be exact).

from here i do not have pictures because i did this at work.

once it kinda look like it was before, use the box cutter to clean out the old seal. just kind of slice it away from the plastic. use the dremel with the sanding bit to clean deep inside. if you do not have a dremel, keep picking out the old seal.

now everything is cleaned, fit the cover back on to make sure it goes back in. if it doesnt you need to clean the seal more or adjust the plastic piece with the heat gun. do not rush.

at this point the clear cover should fit back in the housing. not perfect but enough. use your own judgement. if you dont trust your judgement, go the extra mile to clean more old seal out or move the housing around to make it fit good. mine did not go in perfect but it was enough to seal.

make sure evey dust, partical, dirt, hair, or any debris are clean from the inside. i used an air compressor to blow all the dust out. i also washed the lense with dawn liquid soap. make sure it is dry before continuing.

now, with the BETALINK K1 add it in the crack where the lense will sit in. 1 bottle should be more then enough. do not use it all at once. you should have 1/4 left after going around the headlight. it is very important to save 1/4 or to make sure buy 2 tube. you can now put the lense on. (make sure you practice this without the seal many time before doing with the seal)
make sure it is nice and tight. use some sort of tape to hold them together. i used duct tape. go around the headlight once again and look for gaps. this is where the 1/4 seal comes in. try to seal it up real good. so you wont have leaks.

here is a picture of the headlight with the tape.

i let it sit for about 6-7 hours before touching it.

after the wait, remove the tape. at this point you should be almost done. i would let it sit for 24 hours beofre putting it back on your car. for extra precaution i used hose repair tape to cover the seal. this will help seal any leak. (if this thing can stop a hose leak for temp, it should seal pretty good, plus it gives a cleaner look) here are some pictures of the finish product.

hopefully this will not leak. does anyone know how i can check for leaks or condesation????