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Originally Posted by normtrum View Post
I thought it was much more comparable to 1.4x, not v2 . I've only done a few spot checks on the Helix Attache thread, but I thought I saw somewhere that the numbers for the Helix were pretty close to 1.4x.
In my best effort to not pull this thread OT, I believe the latest graphs/info shows that hp is around -5 or so from V2 and tq is +5 or so. Very close. The curve seems even more flat/smooth, too. I think they both use both boost sensors rather than bypassing the one, which is the main difference of V1.47 and V2. Beyond that, Procede seems to have the edge on features/add-ons/logging and user map tweaking/map downloading, while Attache seems to have an edge on the in-car map switching for now.