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My argument was never pointing out a single team (even the Marlins was just an example)...

Its all the big market teams and their payrolls. How are my beloved Pirates supposed to compete when they can only afford 1/3 what the yanks/sox/ or any other large market team can... Its not going to happen.

So set a cap and a floor. They you will see a fluctuation of teams up and down over the course of time (as you should). This is part of the reason why I love football so much. There are new teams in the playoffs, and in most scenarios, new teams in the superbowl almost every year. Some teams might go on hot streaks (Steelers of the 70's, Pats, Cowboys in the 90's).

Most teams aleast have some hope of making the playoffs at the beginning of each season. Baseball, its just not possible anymore. I will go watch a Pirates game every time I go up to visit my family. I dont get into the league as a whole because of the lack of competition, and how its driving small market teams into the ground...