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Seven 227, it does not work like that. When the air hits the nose of the car, it bumps over your scoop. Have a look at the wind tunnel flow pictures. Your front scoop area is low pressure area from which the air is pushed up if there are vents in there. You should have the scoop in the bumper part if you want to get more air in.

The windscreen is a hindrance for the air and it packs the air in front of it. This air is pushed in all the directions it can exit. If there is an exit as a vent in the hood in front of the windscreen, the air goes inside the engine compartment. So no air comes out from the vent in front of the windscreen. Now your vents are a bit on the side rather than directly in the front of the windscreen, so they are not that bad. However, there is an issue of the hot air not getting out. The vent for the hot air getting out in the front part of the hood would help a lot.