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Originally Posted by Nick@Jlevi SW View Post
I believe there is about a 10-15% loss through the drivetrain to the rear wheels. Dynos have varying methods of correction so it all depends on the brand and settings. There is a nominal cost to return the ECU back to stock including the cost to ship it to us and ship it back but it is much less than the original price. We offer a free 3 time reflash on the kit so if your dealer resets the ECU and gets rid of the software, we will perform the reflash for you 3 times for free. You just cover shipping the ECU to us and shipping it back. It is 328xi compatible, we can do ANY of the engines
how much is the cost after the 3 times of free updates? also can you guys make a custom map for my friend as he has full eisenhaus meisterchief exhaust.

it takes 3 days to upload the map on the ecu? there is no tampering with the ecu itself right like going in and soldering some stuff, etc and is untraceable by dealer when returned back to stock?

more importantly speed limiter gone and whats new rev limit?

thanks and i think that sums up all my questions.

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