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Originally Posted by mrburns
Btw, I am 20 years old, and worked quite hard to get this car so the money did count a lil bit. Rather you just lie and say i got a good deal? haha
Learning how to get the best price on a new car takes homework and practice. Don't worry about it now since the deal is already done, just enjoy your nice new car. I had nothing even close to an E90 when I was 20, so consider yourself blessed, my friend.

Over here in The States I used the Consumer Reports New Car Pricing Service: It gives you dealer costs on the various models as well as options, and advice on what you should expect to have to pay. (One bit of advice remains constant, always work up from dealer cost, never down from the sticker price).

Check out the link above, you probably have a similar service down-under.

Congrats on your awesome new car!