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HRC - I have the steering Wheel Cover....

I just want to change my current cover to the new cover....Reading your install just a few questions...

1. To confirm I need a T30 to unscrew the 3 screws in the back of the steering Wheel?correct?
2. Once I unscrew the 3 screws the steering wheel cover will come off? Is this correct?
3. and then I will need to use the T20 to unscrew 2 more screws within the steering wheel cover itself?
4.What is that other metal piece that came off with the steering wheel? Will that come off on mine?
5. Will the multi function buttons wire have to be unplugged or is that because in your install you were changing the whole new steering wheel?
Please let me know as I dont want to screw anything up and if it is as simple as the above statements then I will go out to the parts store and purchase the T30 and T20...

Thank you.