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Question New Car Prep.

Hello Picus. I'm very new to detailing and new to car prep... This is going to be my first bmw and new car prep so I might not understand few things, so here it goes.
I'll be getting a Black Sapphire 3 series coupe with Coral Red interior.
-After I get my car, I would wash the car with Sheepskin Wash Mitt then I don't dry it and use Clay so is the lubricant the water from the car or it's a lubricant I have to use that comes with the clay? and what type of lubricant?
-Would I need to Polish the car even tho it's New of the lot? - (In most cases a light polish (Final Polish II, ZPC, etc) will do. Wipe down the car with a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol and water (iso alcohol is regular 70% off the shelf rubbing alcohol). Put it in a spray bottle, spray a panel and remove. This is to remove any polish residue.) - is it required to do this process or after 6month pass into the new car then go through the process?
-Also light Polish every time I would Sealant or is it once every 6month?
-What is Chemical Cleaner? I have no clue what this is and I would do this every time I polish or light polish the car?
-I'm heading toward all ZAINO product so if you can recommend all Zaino so I know which to order if not, recommend something you preferred or better product than Zaino.
-Finally Seal or Wax, if I were to go Seal route with Zaino or which ever that's top notch would it hurt the car if I were to Sealant it more than 2x a year or more than the length you said every 6month cut into every 3month?
-also do you use the Sealant on the windows too? and after would I need to clean it with Window cleaner to get rid of Sealant on the Window area?
-Scotchgard is that carpet protection or stain resistant type? I don't know what it is.
-With leather Zaino Z9/Z10 pretty simple right just spray and rub then 2nd microfiber cloths to buff the wetness out of the leather then done? So I can use Z9/Z10 for dash, doors, trim, plastic, and rubber with no problems?
-You said before you prep car you use ZPC, AIO, or Prime before sealing,
what are those? is it polishing items or something I must do before Sealing for New Prep Car and after Detailing process that I must do everytime?

Once again I am very new to this so sorry for all the question but your the the BEST so help me out