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Originally Posted by dencoop
Hello again,

Thanks for your quick reply...the cover that I have is a NON-M is a grey color cover to match my 6-spd stick shift.....

-I just wanted to check in with you to see if it was a simple job...or If I am better off going to a shop to have it done....

so as it currently stands you are not sure if I can change the cover without taking the steering wheel apart..correct?

Thanks again.
You'd have to remove and disconnect the airbag either way. Once you have it off, it is simply a matter of removing a single bolt to get the wheel out of the car. What I'm getting at is that removing the wheel doesn't add any complexity once you've gotten far enough to be able to take the cover off.

I'd probably remove the wheel even if it weren't required to change the cover - just to make it easier to work with.