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I am ordering the stuff to start doing this myself, and I am a little confused. I ordered the ZKit #1 from Zaino with all the products you mentioned above. Now I am at trying to order the rest of the supplies I need. I selected the waffle weave MF towel. I was trying to order the Porter Cable 7336, but I don't know what to get with it. Do I need to order backing plates and pads? Which ones should I order? Which sizes? How many should I get?

I have absolutely no supplies whatsoever, and I want to order everything so that when it comes I can get started. What else do I need besides what I just ordered from Zaino? What other towels, mits, etc. do I need to add to my basket at I don't see those Viking wash mitt there, but they have some other brand of sheepskin mitt. I looked around Wal-Mart the other day and their selection was pretty weak so I want to just order it all online if I can.
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