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Originally Posted by Kamando View Post
I'm wondering if anyone has a good understanding on how the German speed cameras work...

I was driving on the autobahn, some date and time in the past at some undisclosed location , and both the car in front of me and I were slightly over the limit. The car in front set off the cameras (on the side of the road at the guard rail.. speed trap type) and I counted the flashes and only saw one. I guess my question is should I be expecting a fine in the mail too or would the camera's/radar been focused on the guy in front of me?

Since you only saw one flash, you WON'T receive any ticket for the simple fact that there can only be ONE vehicle in the photo, and the car preceding you set the camera off. I got flashed 5 months ago driving on Autobahn 9 towards Berlin (doing 80-85 km/h on a 60 km/h construction area) and the car in front of mine set off the camera (single flash, same situation as yours). I never received the ticket. How fast were you going?