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Originally Posted by lee71 View Post
Your a wise man for not getting involved in that's not worth it. I got a ticket going 90 in a 55 on 495 back in June...I'm going through hell right now...I could end up either losing or having a restricted license, lawyer fees $900, 2 driver safety courses ($150), community service...I go before the judge on September 4th...I'm so pissed at myself and Virginia's draconian laws regarding speeding. No alcohol involved, no traffic on the road, just me and a undercover stealth police cruiser. Capital Raceway in Crofton let's you do 1/4 mile runs on Friday nights...that's what I'm going to start doing...have fun.

Ouch.. i know exactly what thats like... I got caught doin 101 plus other stuff through the harbor tunnel goin to Baltimore. Officer only put down the speed on the ticket since I was so "compliant". Ticket was $525 and they were suppose to take my license away... luckily the officer didn't show up so they tossed it out. I've since calmed it down, cept the few times Ive gone 130-140 on US-50.

and OP that was some real restraint you showed, becuase I know I surely woulda lost my mind and floored it