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To me, this sounds very bad .. I mean one of the X factors, the primary reasons of me drive a bimmer is to have a car "Made in Germany" not by some cheaper labour in southern Africa. It's just the part of corporation's another cost saving plan .. good that they don't save by cuttin edges on the car itself like Merc but rather on labour. But then again, it seems reasonable for Americans to get somewhat let down cars when u think about how much they pay for their cars compared to other countries .. I just hope SA made 335i's are not comin to Canada .. i mean it simply wouldn't be fair for Canadians to pay so high price and yet get same cars as US ..
Does anyone know for sure whether Canada gets SA cars or not ?

p.s. - plz don't mock me by sayin SA cars hav good QC and all that because im not talkin about quality issue here, it's about the way it feels to the driver .. sure if u dont get bothered then i certainly wouldnt argue with u ..

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