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Originally Posted by SCA View Post
Not completely true. Within the US it depends solely on your BMW Center. A Center can clearly tell where each 3-Series sedan (328/335) will be built, South Africa or Germany (which specific plant in AG is unknown until the VIN is issued) by 1. The model code (SA 328 = 0845, SA 335 = 0880, AG 328 = 0844, 335 = 0842) and 2. by SA listed within the DCS, next to or below the model designation (328/335). If a customer is ordering the vehicle (Priority 1) the Center/Client Advisor has the choice to advise the customer as to where the vehicle will be built (SA vs AG). Some customers simply do not care while others do. It is fairly easy to detect which ones will care.
Isn't it more like most customers are not really aware of this whole manufacture thing .. i bet u majority of bimmer buyers don't even realize there is a bmw plant in SA except some enthusiasts like us ..

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