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Drives: 2006 330i - All the packages -
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-Integrated into dash
-Entertainment/communication/climate controls moved to a screen
-split screen with the assistance window to display turns/location/trip information
-Voice controls
-Additional car control through i-Menu
-The speed it is able to recompute route if turn is missed

-Point-of-Interest searching is very poor and incomplete <-Biggest one
-Slower on occation
-Can't upload new POIs in any easy manner, since it's all DVD based

I grabbed this list and modified it to meet my opinion, the 7 inch screen is a big plus, the location is another. But POI sucks. I cannot believe the categories and searching, sometimes makes no sense at all. I would love to have a broad search on a higher level. The is comparing it to the chrysler version my wife has, hers has better access to information, but looses to the idrive in so many other ways.

Hers can search better, but is a total pain to just put in an address and go.

All in all, worth it, if for just the control it adds. Plus it is a pet peeve on mine to see a BMW without the second hump in the middle. Spent 30k and skimped on $1800.....