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Originally Posted by JackMac View Post
What is the trading symbol?
I don't think we're going back above 50 anytime soon, given the state (or lack thereof) of the US economy. BMW was a great buy a few years ago, and a great sell in May/June of this year. At 37 Euros it's expensive in US$, as the Euro exchange rate sucks and is likely to worsen, given how far in debt the current administration seems willing to sink us. There is the opportunity for gains from both the stock value increasing and further weakening of the dollar. At some point, however, that becomes a big problem for BMW because they will have to price cars very high in the US market.

Xetra Frankfurt
ISIN DE0005190003
Symbol BMW
Last Price 37.65 37.52
Date, Time 30/01/08 5.35pm 30/01/08 7.32pm
Change Prev. Day % +0.56% +0.27%
Change Total Prev. Day +0.210 +0.100
Turnover in 157.25 m 434,633
Traded Volume 4.16 m 11,503
Price Fixings 5,178 47
Bid/Ask Volume
Trading hours 9.00 am - 5.30 pm 9.00 am - 8.00 pm
High 38.40 38.34
Low 37.27 37.48
52 Week High 50.73 50.63
52 Week Low 35.98 36.28
Close Previous Day 37.44 37.42