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Originally Posted by scottjones
Perhps it's me but.. I have a 2002 Eclipse GT with a 10" bazooka triangle sub with a 400 watt MTX ammp and it will shake your asscheeks until they jiggle like jello. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think the Logic 7 sounds crisp and clear, but... I have yet to feel any bass or hear anything significant for having 2 subs, one under each seat.
The logic7 system is not meant to rattle your car w/ amazing bass, as is the purpose w/ many aftermarket stereo systems. Adding an amp and 400 watt subwoofer to your sound system is generally for those people looking for some "umph" in their system. The purpose of logic7 is to create a natural sounding sound stage, and i think it does that quite well as it mixes the highs, mids, and lows pretty well. However, i want some "umph" in my system and am looking to switch out the subs to obtain this, but in order to do this, i need to kno the specs i requested above (also mounting depth if anyone can find it ).