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nah iphone uses edge..i have it...gluck using the internet if you dont have wifi haha...but yea im a new tech just graduated STEP Training in december. Im from PA, lived there my whole life, in the poconos. Went to a college in PA owned by PSU and got my degree for automotive. Im mostly a VW guy since they are alot cheaper and ive spent most of my life being broke paying for all my mods and cars...ive had like prob 15 or so cars already and im only 21(22 Feb 8th haha). Like i said im still learning the ropes on how it goes at the dealer here and ill try and help you guys out as much as i can. What engine are you looking to do Neurorad? ive seen some cars come in from V&T and they blow..i have yet to find a good body shop in the area but i do know i get to see alot of bad body jobs at the dealer due to the number of cars that come through daily.