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Originally Posted by Chunga View Post
Hmm - when my parents needed to buy me nice things it was things like shoes or t-shirts.
I don't know about Denmark, but in q8 parents suppose to buy their kids cars, pay for their marriage, and houses (or apartment). Like me right now, my parents pay for everything, they bought me my first car (i wanted the new eclipse but he got me a bimmer ), they pay for my gas, my phone bills, and Iforged Drifts , etc....seriously my father buys me everything i want , cuz his father did the samething and I'm going to do the same thing for my kids.
My parents are going to pay for my marriage and buy me a house....i said q8 cuz i don't know about the other arab countries, but i guess they are all the same.
When i came to canada, i was surprised that canadian kids they have to work for their stuff, and to pay for phone bills, car if they have enough money, gas, etc. Only very very very little people that pay for their kids cars, and some are not very expensive cars, but their parents don't pay for gas.