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The picture shown above is apparently for the earlier E90s, not the e90 328i and 335i. I found this out when I was trying to tap into the sharkfin antenna wire on my 328i. I also checked our 335i, and it's the same. I'm not sure it makes any difference, but both have the premium package. The wiring, and installaiton location, for these is on the driver's side in the back of the trunk. Look for a plastic tray on the floor just behind the lights. If you pop this out and search around, you will find the Sirius power and antenna wiring (two separate bundles) - they're covered in a piece of black cloth. As I haven't seen what it looks like with the Sirius (or multi-CD) player installed, I'm not sure exactly how it all fits in, but this is where they go. Referencing the above picture, the bluetooth/Assist "brain" is on the right in the picture above, with nothing on the left. There are no extra wires either, so I'm not sure where you might safely tap power from if you put additional stereo gear on the left side.