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my problems after 34,000 miles

Model:06 e90 330
Automatic transmission (yes/no):yes
I-Drive (yes/no):no
Active Steering (yes/no):no
Comfort Access (yes/no):no
34000 miles

20 miles - At delivery, find that trunk lid is off center in opening when closed. Dealer resets lid on brackets. Problem fixed.

8,000 miles - Knocking in steering at far left and far right. Hydro steering column replaced. Problem solved.

10,000 miles - Runflats making terrible noise. Paid for replacement MYSELF. BMW won't reimburse me and BMW NA customer service supervisor won't even return my calls.

25,000 miles - Creak in dash develops. Dealer "can't reproduce".

30,000 miles - Creak in dash getting worse. Dealer pulls out misc parts - all but dash, can hear it but can't locate it.

34,000 miles - creak in dash continues. Leave with dealer 5 days. Dealer pulls out dash. Think they found creak, fixes it, and replaces dash. Creak still present.