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Step 5:

You should have your jack free to use, since you have the car on jackstands. Place the jack under where the spring seats into the lower control arm, and snug it up, but do not jack so it raises the wheel assembly.

Step 6:

On the Driver's side, you'll have to loosen a couple of exhaust mounts, to get the bolt out. Also, there is a tip sensor there, that you'll also need to remove (13mm) prior to removing the control arm mounting bolt. These are obvious as to how to remove them.

You can now remove the inboard bolt that holds the lower swingarm on, with a 21mm socket wrench. Mark both washers and the bolt head with a sharpie so they can be aligned again when placing it back in (the bolt has an offset flange/washer on it). Once the bolt is loose, tap it out. I used a 1/4" drive socket extension. Once the bolt is removed, you can lower the jack slowly and remove the jack. You can now remove the spring. Take note of how the lower rubber spring seat sits in the control arm.
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