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Step 7:

Take the rubber spring seats off of the old spring, and place them on the new rear H&R spring. The rear ones are marked with an (R). Make sure you put them on correctly.

You'll notice the springs are similar to the stock sport springs, but about and inch shorter. The H&R springs are rightside up, if the writing is also rightside up. Then slide the spring back into place, making sure the rubber seats remain in place, and you put the lower spring seat correctly in the control arm, as I mentioned in Step 6.

Step 8:

Place the jack back under the control arm and jack it up enough to get the bolt (that you removed in step 6) started back in the control arm mount. You'll notice that the control arm is twisted, adn you can't get it to come out the other side. Thanks ok. Lower the jack, and place the block of wood on the jack so you can align the other side of the control arm mount. Tap the bolt in the rest of the way, and tighten. You'll need to use the guide marks that you made with the sharpie to get the bolt/washer aligned.

If you are working on the driver's side remount the tip sensor, and replace the exhaust nuts you removed a the beginning of step 6.

Step 9:

You can now replace the nut on the bottom of the shock absorber, and the end link nut back onto the swaybar. You'll need to hold the bolt with channel locks again.

Do the other side repeating all of these steps. Then mount your tires, jack up the back, remove the jack stands, and lower the car on each side. You'll notice the car is pretty high. It settles once the car is moved, and you will notice the height difference.

I mounted my track wheels, because that's the reason I'm installing the springs to begin with.
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