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OK, lets start the front ones now! You're halfway home. Very important! Open your favorite beer now, and admire the rear of the car.

Most cars allow for the brake rotor to swing free when you loosen the upper shock mounts. The E90 does not. You'll have to compress the spring while it's still on the car. Don't worry though. If you do it right, it's pretty easy.

Step 10

Open your hood.

Jack up the car, using the BACK jacking point! Once you've raised the car all the way, you can put the jack stand under the front jacking point and remove the jack. On the other side, you'll need to jack the car from the control arm in front, so that you can place the jack stand under the front jacking point.

Remember, you loosened the lugbolts in step 1, so now remove the lugbolts and both front wheels.
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