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Step 20

Now you need to get that strut back under the fender, which is fairly easy, once you take out the jack you had under the brake rotor, and use you foot for downward pressure again.

Once you have it under there, start unloosening the spring compressors (5 turns on each again). Since these springs are a lot shorter, it doesn't take too long to do. Take off the compressors,and slide that jack under the brake rotor again, applying upward pressure so that you are raising the strut up ito the strut tower. Don't jack it up too much, just enough to get close to the holes while still being able to swivel the hat. You'll see the nippple here and where it needs to align to. Raise the jack another pump or two until the strut hat bolts poke thru the 3 holes in the strut tower, as well as the alignment nipple is beginning to come through it's alignment hole.

Tighten the 3 nuts up with a 13mm socket, and a wrench for teh one that's under the strut brace.
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