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Step 21

We are almost there! I had another beer at this point. I suggest you do the same.

You now need to put that 19mm bolt back in place that has the brake line bracket on it. Also, put the 17mm nut back on the upper end link mount, and tighten both of those.

Reclip any wires you unclipped during the install, and replace the headlight auto level sensor that you removed in step 13

Mount you wheel again and snug the lugbolts.

Do the other side in the same manner, including the beer. Then put that wheel back on too.

Step 22

Jack the car again to remove the jack stands and then lower it.

TORQUE ALL LUGNUTS. While we are speaking of torquing bolts. Make sure you retighten all bolts with the smae amount of pressure as they fealt like when they ewre reomved. I did not have torque specs, but as they become available, I'll edit this DIY to incude them (and go back and torque the bolts).

Check to make sure you removed all tools from the engine compartment before shutting the hood.

Step 23

Take a quick jaunt down the driveway and back to settle the car. Then with great antcipation, put in park, or out of gear, parking brake.. LEAP from your car and behold it's lowered beauty. Wipe those tears from your eye that well up from the sheer joy you are encountering. Then grab a beer.
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