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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
lol, i love you Giants fans you talk shit about your QB now you suck his dick.

It was a fluke, just like peyton mannings.

Yes I am a Pats fan and a little biased. But seriously 18-1 means nothing? Like to see the Giants even get a decent record.

Point is Moss and Brady are back for a second year so look out.

I see a super bowl win next year. Whoever says they have no chance is just a blinded fan.

But enjoy it, next season comes fast.

And i love how the refs make horrible calls especially for offsides...yet no one cares. But when the refs were in the Pats favor everyone bitched.
actually, i was a brady fan, just not a patriots fan...I was routing for the giants, but i admitted that brady was better than manning...after last nights game, anyone who says manning isnt a great qb can leave the conversation...the second last play on the winning drive was one of the most amazing things ive ever seen...had 3 defensive linemen gotten that close to brady, he wouldve fallen to the ground like a little bitch, as he had shown previously in the game...manning broke the tackle, made room, looked down the field and completed a 32 yard pass, and then followed with the game winning think that was a fluke? oh yeah, i're a pats fan...